Fit-out services

Comprehensive implementation of construction and arrangement of space for hotel investments, luxury apartments and residences. From design to execution. We provide turnkey solutions for the most demanding customers.

- Construction and assembly works
- Execution of internal installations (electrical, water and sewage, low currents)
- Delivery and assembly of the floor covering
- Delivery and assembly of lighting


We specialize in supplying high quality equipment for investment. We are able to supply any type of assortment from Polish and foreign producers. 

- Delivery and assembly of furniture constructions
- Delivery and assembly of movable furniture
- Delivery and assembly of the floor covering
- Delivery and assembly of lighting
- Textile delivery
- Delivery and assembly of home appliances and electronics
- Delivery and assembly of hotel furniture
- Delivery and installation of beds and mattresses

Hotel equipment

We have a wide range of products for hotels, restaurants and luxury apartments and residences. We equip rooms and hotel bathrooms. Starting from welcome sets, high-end household appliances and RTV to hotel cosmetics of the best Polish and foreign producers. 

- Delivery of bedding items: quilts, pillows, pillow cases, bedspreads
- Hotel towels and coats
- Hotel cosmetics from renowned brands
- Home appliances and electronics

Modernization of the surface

We carry out repairs and change the interior design of the rooms. We carry out a facelift of already existing surfaces. From design, through conversion to replacement of equipment. 

- Construction and assembly works
- Renovation of floors and carpet replacement
- Painting walls and ceilings, repair and replacement of elements
- Replacement of equipment (furniture, textiles)
- Replacement and installation of lighting